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Breast Lift/ Mastopexy

Board Certified Doctors Perrotta and Pellegrino are experienced breast lift/mastopexy surgeons. They perform the breast lift for patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance of drooping, sagging breasts. As some women age, their skin loses elasticity, causing breasts to lose their firmness and shape and begin to sag. This process is usually made worse by various factors such as weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The breast lift can be performed with a breast augmentation or alone (mastopexy).

Doctors Pellegrino and Perrotta have created the area’s most comprehensive and state of the art plastic surgery complex. Click on our Surgery Center to learn why our office is the most convenient, private and comfortable place to have your surgery.

You May Be a Candidate For a Breast Lift/Mastopexy if:

  • You have sagging breasts due to past pregnancies, genetics, or aging.
  • If the sagging is too great to be treated with an implant alone.
  • If the nipple-areolar complexes are too large or too low.

The Goals of a Breast Lift/Mastopexy:

  • More youthful breast contour.
  • Perky breasts, shapely breasts, lifted breasts.
  • Nipple-areolar complexes with more desirable size and location.

Your Breast Lift/Mastopexy Evaluation

Drs. Perrotta and Pellegrino will evaluate your breasts to help decide on the best approach to the procedure at their Maryland or Delaware based locations. Some breast lift/mastopexy candidates learn that they can achieve a satisfactory outcome simply with a breast lift, and still others may find that both a breast augmentation and breast lift are required to fully improve the appearance of the breasts.

Once the doctor determines the surgical plan, you will meet with the aesthetic coordinator, who will continue to answer any of your questions, and will also provide you with a written quote, which clearly outlines all costs. Once the quote is signed, your pre-operative appointment and surgery date are scheduled.

Breast Lift/Mastopexy Surgery

Dr. Perrotta and Dr. Pellegrino routinely perform breast lifts on an outpatient basis. Some patients prefer heavy IV sedation with local anesthesia while others require general anesthesia. Their patients have the luxury of undergoing surgery in the most private and convenient of settings, the operating room suite located inside Peninsula Plastic Surgery’s Salisbury office complex. This operating room has the distinction of being fully accredited by AAAHC and certified by Medicare.

The design of the incisions can vary but usually includes an incision around the nipple-areolar complex, one from the complex down to the crease under the breast and a third running along this crease. In some cases, we can utilize the vertical breast lift technique and avoid the long scar running along this crease.  Click here for information on the Vertical Breast Lift.  The nipple-areolar complex is repositioned higher, the excess skin is removed, and the breast is reshaped in a pleasing contour and in a more normal position.
The insertion of an implant as well, may or may not be advisable.

Post-Op Recovery

The patient goes home with an elastic bra with only a light dressing over the incision lines.
Most patients experience pain for three days and then discomfort for two weeks thereafter. Oral narcotics adequately control such pain.
Both surgeons schedule patients for follow up visits within one week after surgery, two to three weeks after surgery, six to eight weeks after surgery and then annually. These visits are complimentary.
Light activities may be started in 7-10 days.

Breast Lift/Mastopexy Before and After Photos:

Dr. Perrotta and Dr. Pellegrino’s plastic surgery practice has many before and after photos for you to look through. Please click here or go directly to our Photo Gallery.

Breast Surgery Costs:

Our Aesthetic Coordinator will discuss costs associated with the procedure during the consultation. A breast lift/mastopexy procedure costs include: anesthesia costs, plastic surgery facility fees and plastic surgeon fees.

Regardless of the approach to the procedure, Doctors Pellegrino and Perrotta are highly skilled in every area of breast enhancement with over 35 combined years of plastic surgery experience. Breast lifts are performed by Dr. Pellegrino and Dr. Perrotta in their state–of-the-art, fully accredited facility to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

In fact, while it may appear that our patients would only travel from Delaware, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Virginia and Pennsylvania to see Drs. Perrotta and Pellegrino, women have traveled from around the world for their procedures.